Web Content Filter

LucidView provides a DNS service whereby your clients can have complete control over what content they allow to flow into their networks.  In addition, our DNS service provides your clients with the ability to force the Google and Youtube “Safesearch” features.

LucidView does not rely on standard lists and definitions used by most Content Filtering Solutions, that are typically outdated or not significantly thorough, rather we determine what category content falls into using our own strict set of parameters as well as human interaction where necessary. This ensures that our Content Filtering Solution is always as comprehensive as possible and significantly more effective than the majority of content filtering solutions available.

Our Content Filtering Service is highly customisable giving you the CONTROL.

Using our Web Content Filter, content is sorted into the following categories:

  • Explict content (Adult stuff)
  • Malware & Phishing sites
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Google
  • Google apps
  • Downloads and Updates
  • Movies, Torrent hosting servers, MP3, etc (typically pirated stuff)
  • Gambling
  • Force safe search on Google and youtube

Each category can be blocked or allowed depending on the policy of the organisation.