Firewall & Proxy Appliance

LucidView has a full enterprise-level firewall capable of an almost infinite level of customization. The networking stack uses the descriptive labels to determine the route a packet should take on the network, and performs any modifications specified. Packets can easily be accepted, denied, NATed, prioritized or masqueraded, depending on the firewall rule set up.

LucidView solutions can integrate with an Active Directory to provide single sign-on authentication for end-users. This utilizes highly secure kerberized authentication that comes default with any Active Directory client, linking each user with their specific web traffic. Serving as a web proxy and cache, it allows business rules to be directly mapped to network bandwidth management policies. Business critical web sites and files can easily be given priority, yet non-critical traffic can still utilize the full bandwidth pipe if it is available.  

Rules can be applied users based on their Active Directory profiles. This can include different shaping profiles and block lists. This is very useful for organizations where users have different tiers of access.

LucidView provides solutions that are fully capable of acting as a “reverse proxy” or “website accelerator”.  Allowing for:

  • Load balancing
  • Caching
  • Compression
  • SSL Off-loading